QuotingBill - November update
QuotingBill is committed to creating an inclusive billing platform that brings all your services together. Check it out for free https://signup.quotingbill.io
"I only wanted to see you in the purple rain" 🟣🌧
As you can see we listened to a lot of Prince over the month and let it influence our taste in color... QuotingBill went through a little bit of a redesign as we explore new ways to make the platform more enjoyable. Check it out and let us know what you think!
It's a party at the marketplace! 🎊!! Here's what's new!
We shifted our focus into adding a few more applications to the marketplace to improve your telephony workflow! These new applications will now allow you to ship hardware, buy numbers and even port-in your customer's numbers! This is what we added:
  • The Brightlink CPaaS application gets a productivity boost! Effectively port-in numbers in projects from other service providers while managing and keeping track of those processes in QuotingBill!
  • Teledynamics is also now available in the marketplace, order and ship hardware through our projects with the Teledynamics recipe!
  • We'd also like to welcome new carriers to the marketplace, Bandwidth and Inteliquent!
  • Dial in on your metered billing settings. You can now set how you want to round up your call durations for a fine tuned billing experience.
What's coming soon?
  • Your customers will have their own portal to manage their payment methods, view their invoices and make payments.
  • Have any agreements or contracts that you need signed before providing services for your customers? E-signature is on its way!
Got some ideas that you wanna suggest? Want to vote on new features? Checkout our roadmap at https://roadmap.quotingbill.io
And if you haven't already checked out QuotingBill, then what are you waiting for! Go to https://signup.quotingbill.io and see how we roll
Until then, be safe and always remember
Prince had a stash of gold bars in the walls of his home
The many Carlos' and the QuotingBill team
💯 QuotingBill October update: Email templates, Dunning and Brightlink!
QuotingBill is committed to creating an inclusive billing platform that brings all your services together. Check it out for free https://signup.quotingbill.io
We've got a lot in store for you this time around!
Hey everyone! We mentioned in the last newsletter that the QuotingBill train has just begun, and well, it's not stopping any time soon! We're introducing several large features for you to use and leverage RIGHT NOW. Let's talk about them! 😄
Core Enhancements
  • Want customers to receive more than just the boilerplate QuotingBill templates when receiving emails? Well now you can create and edit messages with our
    module which is the perfect segue into our next module...
  • The Dunning module allows you to set payment reminders for your customers who might've missed a payment. Create reminders and manage reminder actions for your customers when their go over a set day limit. 📅
  • Did you ever feel a disconnect between projects and invoices and didn't love the manual step in between 🥶? Well we did! We're now introducing the ability to automatically create a project upon customer approval of an invoice or quote! //
  • You can now view what applications in the marketplace are coming soon!
On the topic of bugs... 🚫🐞
At the moment, there weren't any major bugs for us to tackle and even moving forward we haven't encountered anything that might need immediate attention. That doesn't mean that we're popping the bottle of champagne just yet however. If you find any bugs or any type of weird behavior from the application please feel free to report them by either contacting or using the chat in the lower right section.
Welcome some new integrations to the marketplace, as well as a few enhancements to some existing apps.
We went kind of ham with the integrations this week and added two whole new applications to the marketplace as well as enhancements to two of our existing applications in the ever-growing marketplace!
All new application, Brightlink numbers is the first on the marketplace to let you order numbers!
We're introducing Brightlink numbers to the marketplace. You'll now be able to order numbers for your customers and provision them from project tasks alongside your other applications! The Brightlink numbers application will still have future features and iterations as we continue to see what we can rock with.
Our first whitelabel — Brightlink PBX
Are you a Brightlink PBX whitelabel partner? Well now you can install the Brightlink PBX Cloud application in the marketplace. Installing this will let you provision Users, domains, numbers and devices to your switch!
Quickbooks Online does taxes?
Did you know that Quickbooks Online offers a simple tax solution? We didn't but now we do! We quickly added it to our Quickbooks Online application feature set which you can now currently use!
Improvements to metered billing
We threw our design engineer at the metered billing application which was past due for a makeover. They did great things to it and heavily simplified the process of billing usage so that your billing experience is frictionless!
What's next
Same deal as last time, we've like to give you a little sneak peek on what's going to be available in the next QuotingBill. Not everything, but enough to keep things interesting!
Who else is excited for what's coming soon?
  • Customer facing portal
  • QuotingBill Premium and QuotingBill Voip Premium launching for the fully fledged QuotingBill experience with unlimited customers!
  • Bandwidth numbers application
  • Porting for numbers
apart from that you can always find out and hear about us on the following channels:
And if you haven't already checked out quotingbill, then what are you waiting for! Go to https://signup.quotingbill.io and see how we roll 😎
Until then, be safe and always remember
Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated
Carlos and the QuotingBill team
Early September 2020 update
QuotingBill is committed to creating an inclusive billing platform that brings all your services together. Check it out for free [https://signup.quotingbill.io] (https://signup.quotingbill.io/)
What's new since we last talked?
It's been a wild few weeks since we first demoed quotingbill to UGM attendees and we are so excited to announce what new changes we've added to quotingbill as well as what's next!
Core enhancements
  • The business you're talking to has more than one point of contact 😲? You can now add more contacts per customer within the customer screen!
  • Found an application that you thought you wanted but ended up not wanting. Well no worries! You can now uninstall applications from the marketplace!
  • You can now edit your profile which includes the ability to change your name, email and even your password!
  • You can now edit invoices and quotes if your customers comes asking for more of your products 😃.
Major Bug Fixes
Running a beta means running into some nasty bugs along the way... However we made sure to squash each one that we encountered. Here's a few grody bugs that we swatted away.
  • Fixed a ui bug with the view on the Users screen
  • Fixed issues related to uploading an image onto a product which included
  • Not being able to add an image to a product created via a quote or invoice
  • Not having a fallback image if none is provided
  • Fixed a nasty issues involving a quote or invoice's lifecycle being short circuited by trying to edit a quote or invoice that's already been accepted.
New integrations and integration features throughout quotingbill
Here's what we've added to quotingbill concerning applications and application enhancements in quotingbill.
Give a warm welcome to NTS Direct to the quotingbill marketplace 🎊
  • Users can now use NTS Direct to order and ship phones within projects!
  • The 888voip and NTS Direct UIs both got special treatment from our designer and we've enhanced the experience in ordering and shipping devices in projects!
[Marketplace] Netsapiens. We are introducing metered billing with netsapiens support!
The ability to calculate usage for your customers is now here with metered billing! The metered billing application allows you to run through call details, as well as viewing and setting rates and finally the ability to calculate and bill usage.
Add user scope to the user create form in the users task within a netsapiens recipe in a project.
We've added additional support to the netsapiens application window
You can now view domains and users from the netsapiens application window! This is the first step in incrementing the visibility of netsapiens data and management of that data as we move forward. We'd love to hear what enhancements you'd like to see in the netsapiens application window!
What's next?
🚂The quotingbill train just started!! We've got a whole bunch of new features coming soon for everyone. Some that we'll mention right now and some that we'll keep as a surprise for the next announcements 🔐
Right now we've currently the following in the oven on three hundo
  • Dunning! We're working on making the payment reminders a more automated, effective and powerful way than sending a trained pack of flying monkeys.
  • Outgoing Messages, create and send email templates for your customers to give the emails that you send to clients your own taste.
  • Brightlink numbers application which will let you order and provision numbers from Brightlink!
We want to thank you for giving quotingbill a spin and telling us what you liked, want to be improved and what integration you want to see in the near future.
In case you forgot where they are, here are all the ways you can tell us what you think
  • Our roadmap where you can see what we're currently working on as well as vote on upcoming features! https://roadmap.quotingbill.io
  • Entering our main site at https://quotingbill.com and contacting us through the little chat icon on the bottom right! Or even better, make an account at https://signup.quotingbill.io and explore quotingbill and then let us know what you thought by clicking the chat icon on the lower right!
With quotingbill, we want to rethink enterprise specifically to help shape your business in being a well oiled machine. We hope to hear from you real soon! Until then