QuotingBill - November update
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"I only wanted to see you in the purple rain" 🟣🌧
As you can see we listened to a lot of Prince over the month and let it influence our taste in color... QuotingBill went through a little bit of a redesign as we explore new ways to make the platform more enjoyable. Check it out and let us know what you think!
It's a party at the marketplace! 🎊!! Here's what's new!
We shifted our focus into adding a few more applications to the marketplace to improve your telephony workflow! These new applications will now allow you to ship hardware, buy numbers and even port-in your customer's numbers! This is what we added:
  • The Brightlink CPaaS application gets a productivity boost! Effectively port-in numbers in projects from other service providers while managing and keeping track of those processes in QuotingBill!
  • Teledynamics is also now available in the marketplace, order and ship hardware through our projects with the Teledynamics recipe!
  • We'd also like to welcome new carriers to the marketplace, Bandwidth and Inteliquent!
  • Dial in on your metered billing settings. You can now set how you want to round up your call durations for a fine tuned billing experience.
What's coming soon?
  • Your customers will have their own portal to manage their payment methods, view their invoices and make payments.
  • Have any agreements or contracts that you need signed before providing services for your customers? E-signature is on its way!
Got some ideas that you wanna suggest? Want to vote on new features? Checkout our roadmap at https://roadmap.quotingbill.io
And if you haven't already checked out QuotingBill, then what are you waiting for! Go to https://signup.quotingbill.io and see how we roll
Until then, be safe and always remember
Prince had a stash of gold bars in the walls of his home
The many Carlos' and the QuotingBill team