This feature will serve to have a process run (either manually or automatically) an audit against your Netsapiens instance.
This feature will serve mainly for two purposes.
1) For QuotingBill customers that give permissions to their end client to provision more "billable" items on their own. With this Audit, by the end of the month, QuotingBill will be able to invoice whatever was added by the end client.
2) Regular billing audits. This will enable any Service Provider to run these audits at any given time and invoice their end clients on whatever is provisioned being used and not being billed.
Essentially QuotingBill will read all accounts created in the switch (domains), pull "billable" items there, and compare them with each corresponding end client, identifying if it's being billed or not. After this, there will be a manual process to approve generating the charges to the end client.