It will require phase 1 to be deployed and functional.
In Phase 2 these would be the features.
1) En user term tied commissions. Example If a Customer is sold under a 12-month contract the commission is 20%, but if sold under a 24-month contract commission should be %22 instead, and so on so forth per end-user contract term.
2) En user volume commissions. The commission amount would be calculated based on the unit amount sold. Example Customer A is sold 10 hats at $10 each, the agent will receive a 5% commission. Customer B is sold 20 hats at $10 each, the agent will receive an 8% commission.
3) Send commission report to Accounting software
4) In house agents, and third party (Channel sales) definition.
5) Master agent definition which means users under a Master will report commissions on reports as well as log in to make quotes based on a previously configured based price.